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Tai Chi Course 02 – First moves and intro to Taoism




Now that you’ve learned and been practicing the basic principles and exercises in the first module this is where you begin to learn the form properly.

I’ve split the tai chi form into six sections which usually begin and end with the pivotal move ‘single whip’. Splitting it this way makes easy to repeat sections or skip ones.

This first part of the form contains the whole first section. The moves in this section are often repeated later on. So learning these well now makes everything easier down the road.

These moves are repeated several times because they are important to learn. The more you do them the more you learn to connect your body together and move it with effortless power. There is a lot more in these movements than I can say to begin with. As the modules progress you’ll discover more to learn in every movement of the form.

Learn the full first section including

  • Hold the ball
  • Ward off
  • Rollback and press
  • Push
  • Single whip

This module also introduces you to the Chinese spiritual philosophy of Taoism that the concepts of tai chi are based on. Taoism is a philosophy that has truly stood up to the test of time. So much of modern science backs up Taoist thought that goes back thousands of years. More fascinating Taoist philosophy will be added to later modules.

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