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Medical Articles regarding Tai Chi

The articles below are medical articles regarding the many benefits of tai chi. These take you to external websites. I have tried to use the most highly regarded sources I can such as the British Medical Journal (BMJ) but this means some of them are quite technical reading. There will be simplified versions of their findings widely found on the internet.

Effect of tai chi versus aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia – BMJ
Findings: ‘Tai chi mind-body treatment for fibromyalgia has similar or greater benefits than standard care treatment’.

The Effects of Twelve Weeks of Tai Chi Practice on Anxiety in Stressed But Healthy People Compared to Exercise and Wait-List Groups–A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Findings: Tai Chi reduces stress levels in healthy individuals and provides a safer, cost effective, and less physically vigorous alternative to exercise.

Effects of tai chi chuan on anxiety and sleep quality in young adults: lessons from a randomized controlled feasibility study
Findings: TCC may be an effective nonpharmaceutical means of improving anxiety and poor sleep quality in young adults.

The Effect of Tai Chi Exercise on the Risk and Fear of Falling in Older Adults
Findings: The results of the present study showed that Tai Chi exercise significantly reduced the risk and fear of falling in the elderly

Effects of Tai Chi on exercise capacity and health-related quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Findings: Preliminary evidence suggests that Tai Chi has beneficial effects on exercise capacity and HRQoL in COPD patients

Tai Chi Is a Promising Exercise Option for Patients With Coronary Heart Disease Declining Cardiac Rehabilitation
Findings: tai chi is a promising and safe exercise alternative for patients with coronary heart disease who are unable or unwilling to attend traditional CR, in particular for older people, women, and deconditioned individuals

Tai Chi is Effective in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Findings: 12-week Tai Chi appears to reduce pain and improve physical function, self-efficacy, depression and health status for knee OA.

Effect of long-term Tai Chi training on Parkinson’s disease
Findings: Tai chi may help slow down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for several years, a Chinese study suggests

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