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Is Tai Chi For You?

Tai Chi is an amazing art. It combines slow, mindful movement with a powerful breath. It develops a very relaxed yet powerful posture, strong legs, mobile joints and a calm, focused mind. But is Tai Chi good you?

Our first tai chi retreat

Tai Chi training offers benefits no other exercise system can

  • Learn to hold and move your body without tension so you can stay relaxed even when under stress
  • Breathe with each movement to help you relax and move with effortless power
  • All exercise is mindful to help your mind become calm, centred and focused
  • Movements are slow, balanced, controlled and purposeful.
  • Tai Chi helps you excel at any other sport or exercise by teaching you to move with effortless power.

Tai chi also helps with a wide range of chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, anxiety issues, coronary heart disease and many more. Click here for a list of other medical research on the many benefits of tai chi.

Tai chi is a set of slow, flowing movements developed to release tension and restore your health and balance.

Through regular tai chi training you get far greater control over your body, mind and breathing.

Our school teaches the more advanced concepts of tai chi which are rarely found in most schools but ideal for beginners to learn. You get so much more benefit from each class when you understand the deeper principles. You learn so much faster when you learn to use them from the beginning.

Tai chi is also a martial art and teaches you to relax and remain calm and centred even under the most stressful of circumstances. The lessons of tai chi will benefit every area of your life for the rest of your life.

Teaching tai chi on a beach in Crete

Why choose the Jade Dragon School?

Simply because we can teach anyone to gain power, balance and stability through relaxation. Lots of people tell you to relax but they can’t tell you how. That’s what I do and I have forty years knowledge and experience in doing so.

After just your first few lessons you will already be able to:

  • Maintain a posture that is aligned with gravity and will help you resist physical or emotional pressures easily
  • Breathe in a way that will deeply relax you and make that a habit. But also change your breathing when you need extra energy.
  • Improve your mobility and balance and be able to move more fluidly and easily.
  • Stand, walk, sit and breathe in a way that maximises your health and vigour.

Our classes are fun and fascinating and remember you will learn skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

See our class list.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about tai chi

Find out about kung fu

  • Learn to relax and stay relaxed under pressure
  • Become more fluid and mobile in your movements
  • Improve your posture and gain balance and strength
  • Greatly increase your self-awareness through mindful movement
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Maintain your vitality as you age
  • Learn a beautiful and ancient art

The Tai Chi Form

The form we teach is the 37 step Yang style short form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ching. Each movement can be done in different ways allowing you to express yourself through the movements of the form.

Soon you’ll feel different, be more relaxed, balanced and have far more control over yourself and your reactions to stress.

The form takes a while to learn but it is a journey that gradually leads to mastery over your mind, body and breath.


Qigong is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It refers to any exercise that develops your breathing, body mechanics and energy flow. Qigong is either done with flowing movements or is done standing in stillness.

We teach the rare ‘5 breaths of Tao’ and the 8 animals qigong movements. Each movement teaches you to move in a fluid and relaxed yet powerful way like the animal it represents.

Push Hands

An integral part of tai chi training is push hands. This is a partner exercise where you gently push with your partner and aim to maintain all the principles of tai chi. You remain balanced, relaxed, sensitive and receptive to their movements.

With some practice any physical or emotional force acting on you doesn’t instantly trigger your fight or flight responses.  You learn to stay relaxed, rooted and in control of your mind and body.

Push hands practice

Our Tai Chi Classes

We teach classes at the following days and venues. Click on each for more information.

Monday evenings in Reading
Tuesday mornings in Dunsden Green
Tuesday lunchtimes in Twyford
Wednesday mornings and lunchtimes in Bracknell
Wednesday afternoons in Wokingham
Thursday lunchtimes in Woodley
Thursday afternoons in Waltham St Lawrence

A map of our tai chi classes

Come along to one of our classes. New beginners are always very welcome. Just email Paul first and let him know which class you’d like to come along to.


£9 per session for each 45 minute class. Payable by card online or cash on the day. Save money by buying a block of five sessions online.

New starters pay just £5 each for your first two sessions.

  • The full yang style short form (37 steps)
  • All the proper principles
  • Qigong exercises
  • Yin and yang power training
  • Easy to follow videos and PDF descriptions of everything
  • The most comprehensive online training course available
  • Split into 11 digestible modules

Each module is contains at least a month’s worth of lessons and is currently just £18 per module.

Click here for more information and to visit our shop

  • Work on your posture and breathing while you walk
  • Walk freely with more balance and less tension
  • Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Make every walk a richer and more enjoyable experience

Plus – get our popular weekly email full of rare tips and skills on using the deeper principles of tai chi to improve your health and life.

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