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Tai Chi and Kung Fu Classes and Personal Training in Berkshire

  • Expert tuition
  • Fun classes
  • Personal training
  • Online courses
  • Expert training
  • Fun and friendly classes
  • Relax and gain fluid power.
  • Get to the roots of the deep and complex art

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  • Learn real, applicable combat skills
  • Very comprehensive art
  • Animal kung fu styles and weapons training

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  • Learn the skills you want at your own pace instead of one set by a class
  • Learn much faster than attending classes.

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Expert Tai Chi and Kung Fu Training in Berkshire

Tai chi and kung fu are amazing arts. No other exercise art or system can offer the huge benefits these arts do. Real tai chi and kung fu skills are highly sought after because of the promise of effortless yet relaxed power they promise. They are also sought after because they are so very rare. Many schools exist but very few of them have the real deal. We do and our skills and knowledge come direct from a mountain in South West China.

  • Are you looking for a quality tai chi or kung fu school in Berkshire?
  • Are you looking for an all round system to make you fitter, healthier and more relaxed?
  • Are you hoping to find a highly experienced yet approachable teacher to guide you?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have had training before you will find our classes fun and fascinating.

If you don’t live in the area or can’t make our classes you can still learn from home. Check out our products and see how we can help you learn these skills at your own pace in your own space.

  • The full yang style short form (37 steps)
  • All the proper principles
  • Qigong exercises
  • Yin and yang power training
  • Easy to follow videos and PDF descriptions of everything
  • The most comprehensive online training course available
  • Split into 11 digestible modules

Each module is contains at least a month’s worth of lessons and is currently just £18 per module.

Click here for more information of our online course

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What makes our tai chi and kung fu training so special?

  • Approachable, expert teacher with nearly forty years experience
  • Fun and friendly classes with no egos or cliques
  • Great ethos where everyone helps each other to learn
  • Learn amazing skills and see incredible demonstrations from your very first lesson
  • Adult classes only. No children to distract you from learning.

The Jade Dragon School

We have been teaching tai chi, qigong and kung fu in Berkshire since 2003. But our tradition goes way back before that originating in a temple on the slopes of the Jade Dragon mountain in South West China.

The school is run by Paul Chapman who has nearly 40 years teaching and training experience in tai chi and kung fu. He personally runs all the classes himself. We offer:

tai chi and kung fu training in Berkshire

Learn a huge range of skills

We teach a range of tai chi and kung fu skills including:

  • The popular CMC37 Yang style short form – one of the most widely practiced tai chi forms in the world.
  • The ‘Five breaths of Tao’ which is a set of qigong breathing exercises unique to the Jade Dragon system. Each of these exercises develops your mind, body and energy in different ways.
  • The 8 animal qigong exercises. These lengthen and strengthen your muscles, create fluid power and open your energy channels.
  • The ‘eternal wave’ sword form. This is a beautiful form that creates wave-like movements that flow through your body and out to the tip of your sword. These movements open your joints and energy pathways and restore vibrant health, flexibility and whole-body power.
  • Our kung fu classes teach more weapons, a range of animal based styles and highly effective self defence skills. All of it is based on the principles of tai chi.

Don’t delay. Come and try one of our tai chi or kung fu classes. See for yourself why we have so many happy students and so many great five star reviews.

For more information contact Paul Chapman on 07788 588815
or click here to email the school

  • Work on your posture and breathing while you walk
  • Walk freely with more balance and less tension
  • Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Make every walk a richer and more enjoyable experience

Plus – get our popular weekly email full of rare tips and skills on using the deeper principles of tai chi to improve your health and life.

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