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Welcome to the Jade Dragon School

We teach traditional tai chi and kung fu classes in the Reading and Wokingham areas.
Learn the real secrets of how to generate great power while staying relaxed and balanced inside.

All our classes are taught by Master Paul Chapman who has over 35 years experience in these arts.

Our Classes

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a unique exercise system. It teaches you to restore your balance, relaxation and vitality. We work on your posture, breathing, balance, energy and movement. You become more mobile, fluid and hold less tension. It's such a fun and beautiful exercise to do.

kung fu

Our kung fu classes differ from most. We teach no acrobatics of flying kicks. Instead we focus on the development of whole-body power. This means every move you do, no matter how small, has the weight of your whole body behind it. This enables smaller individuals to throw around larger ones with ease. The training is extremely comprehensive yet fun and friendly.

What Makes Us Different?

we go deeper

We go deeper than most schools do. We teach the real biomechanics of effortless power, how to incorporate your mind and breathing to maximise your health and effectiveness and the real philosophies that tie it all together

fun, friendly classes

In our classes there are no cliques or egos. Everyone is friendly and helps each other to understand the skills. The knowledge may be serious but we have lots of fun and laughter learning it.

Experienced Tuition

Master Paul Chapman is the real deal. He has over 35 years experience and has studied with masters who carry unbroken knowledge going back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Paul is always approachable and happy to share his knowledge and skills

First class free

It can be scary coming to a class for the first time. Will you fit in? Is this really for you? We always let you try a class for free so you can see for yourself with nothing to lose.

What Our Students Say

“This is a great school. I have learned more here than in a few weeks than I have studying for years in my previous class. I love Master Paul's demonstrations. So graceful yet so powerful. I look forward to many more sessions with him”
GW (Reading)
“Tai chi has become my favourite thing of the week. A time to relax, discover more about myself and gradually improve my balance and mobility. I used to get that through yoga but find now that tai chi is more rewarding for me.”
FC (WOkingham)
“I was worried about coming to my first kung fu class but everyone was so friendly. The skills are amazing. In my very first session I learned how to stand so strong I couldn't be moved even by someone twice my size.”
JC (Caversham)

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Our classes are always open to new beginners. Start to learn the skills of how to relax under pressure and develop your body, mind, spirit and energy.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes in Reading and Wokingham area.

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