Tai Chi Online Training Course

Learn the wonders of tai chi at home in your own time with our tai chi online training course.

  • Learn the marvellous art of tai chi at your own pace and in your own space
  • Go beyond the form movements to understand what makes tai chi so effortlessly powerful
  • Each module contains a range of videos and PDFs which explain everything in full
  • Videos are short and to the point. Most are less than 3 minutes.

So if you want to learn the amazing art of tai chi but can’t find a good class near you don’t despair. We have broken down the Yang style 37 step short form into manageable chunks. Plus you get all the knowledge from one of the country’s most experienced teachers.

Our online tai chi training course is split into 11 modules. Each of them contains at least a month’s worth of lesson content and are priced at just £15 each. The price is due to rise shortly so do order now.

tai chi online training course

Module One

The first module is an important one. Here’s the start of your journey and an introduction to some basic tai chi concepts. Unfortunately these concepts are all too often missing from so many tai chi classes. I’ve had so many students who have been to other tai chi classes but never been taught these basics.

  • Basic principles
  • Essential skills – stances,  footwork and arm circles
  • Basics of relaxing and gaining relaxed power

This first module is half price (£7) or free when you sign up to our weekly newsletter.

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Module Two

This is where you begin to learn the form properly. The form has been split into six sections which usually begin and end with the pivotal move ‘single whip’. It then becomes easy to repeat sections or skip ones. This first part of the form contains the whole first section. The moves in this section are often repeated later on. So learning these well now makes everything easier down the road.

Learn the full first section including

  • Hold the ball
  • Ward off
  • Rollback and press
  • Push
  • Single whip

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Module Three

Module three gives you some exercises to loosen your body before you begin the form. The more relaxed you are when you start the more benefits you’ll get from it.

This module also covers some important concepts regarding breathing – which is the most important and fundamental thing we do. Do not ignore this. It also introduces you to the first half of the second section of the form.

  • Warming up and loosening exercises
  • 3 qualities of breathing
  • Yin and yang arms
  • Squeeze and pull down
  • Shoulder strike and White crane spreads wings

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Module Four

This module helps you become more aware of your body and your breathing. As you do so you’ll also become more aware of energy in your body. This energy is known as qi (pronounced chee) in China. A strong energy flow keeps you young and healthy.

This module also finishes off the second section of the form.

  • Understanding qi energy
  • Training your breath
  • Five points of awareness
  • Brush knee
  • Cross hands
  • Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
  • Second section of form in full

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Module Five

This module introduces a new key concept. It also gives you more exercises to loosen your body, especially your shoulders. Finally it gives the first half of the third section of the form.

  • The third golden principle
  • Moving everything together
  • Forwards clock and shoulder drop exercises
  • Fist under elbow and repulse monkey moves

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Module Six

An important concept and way of moving your body that goes way beyond most tai chi classes. Also the final part to the third section with one of the most beneficial moves in tai chi.

  • Create wave-like movements through your body
  • The best exercise to release tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Diagonal Flying and Cloud Hands movements
  • The full form up to the end of section three. This takes you to the half way point.

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Module Seven

This section of the form involves standing on one leg. Here’s how to make that much easier. Also an exercise to bring yin yang theory alive in your body.

  • Learn to stand relaxed and balanced on one leg
  • Experience the difference between yin and yang in your body with our Heaven and Earth breathing exercise
  • Learn the challenging start of the forth section of the form and some tips to make it easier

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Module Eight

More techniques and skills to help you drop your tensions and move easily from the centre. The second half of the forth section of the form.

  • A new technique to help drop tension out of your body when standing or moving
  • A whole body exercise to teach you to move from the centre and open your shoulders, chest and back.
  • The rest of the fourth section of the form

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Module Nine

Learning how to create wave movements and to root through your arms. Plus, the whole fifth section of the form. Watch those heel turns!

  • Create wave movements through your arms
  • The earth figure of eight. Rooting through your arms.
  • The whole fifth section of the form. Exploring the diagonals.

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Module Ten

A complicated arm and leg movement stepping practice that is used in tai chi and kung fu. The first half of the final section of the form.

  • Heaven figure of 8 stepping practice for arm/leg coordination
  • First half of the final section of the form

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Module Eleven

The final steps. Here, finally are the final moves of the form. Learn to move with maximum power and minimum effort. The whole form put together at last.

  • Learn the final moves of the form
  • Learn how to move your whole body from the sacrum for maximum power with minimum effort.
  • Finally, the tai chi form in full from different angles

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