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Tai Chi Course 01 – Basic concepts and exercises

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Are you lacking mobility, energy and stamina?

Are other exercise systems too demanding physically?

Tai chi is different. There is no other art or exercise system like it in the world.
From the start you learn how to regain your balance, restore your vitality and move with more fluid ease.
These skills work for everyone and are easily transferable to any other sport or activity you may do.

Welcome to the first of our popular modules introducing you to the world of tai chi.

“Through learning to understand how to stand and breathe correctly my posture and balance are improving and I feel more flexible.”

Your first module is an important one. This is the start of your journey and an introduction to some basic tai chi concepts. These concepts are all too often missing from so many tai chi classes. Don’t miss out on these basic skills. Buy this module first to make your tai chi journey so much easier and more beneficial.

  • Basic principles
  • Learn to stand and walk with more balance and stability
  • Connect your structure properly so every movement you do has more power with less effort.
  • Introductions to what tai chi is and yin yang theory which is core to everything in tai chi.
“Clear guidance with good explanations of what and why. Excellent instructor”

This first module is half price to give you a taste of what to expect from the other modules.

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  • Work on your posture and breathing while you walk
  • Walk freely with more balance and less tension
  • Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Make every walk a richer and more enjoyable experience

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