Tai Chi course

Learn Tai Chi from home

  • Learn at your own pace in your own space
  • No more forgetting what was taught in class
  • All the movements, exercises, skills, principles and theories explained
  •  Go beyond the form movements to understand what makes tai chi so effortlessly powerful
  • Modular course consisting of videos and PDFs explaining everything
  • Videos are short and to the point. Most are less than 3 minutes.
Each module now costs just £7 and is equivalent to roughly one month’s worth of lessons.
The full course will be 12 modules long. They will be available here as soon as they’re ready.
Each module builds on skills and knowledge from previous modules so to get the full benefit start from Module One.

Module One

  • What is Tai Chi
  • Basic principles
  • Essential skills – stances,  footwork and arm circles
  • Basics of gaining relaxed power

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Module Two

Learn the full first section including
  • Holding the ball
  • Ward off
  • Rollback and Press
  • Push
  • Single Whip

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Module Three

  • Warming up and loosening exercises
  • 3 qualities of breathing
  • Yin and yang arms
  • Squeeze and pull down
  • Shoulder strike and White crane spreads wings

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Module Four

  • Understanding qi energy
  • Training your breath
  • Five points of awareness
  • Brush knee
  • Cross hands
  • Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
  • Second section of form in full

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Module Five

  • The third golden principle
  • Moving everything together
  • Forwards clock and shoulder drop exercises
  • Fist under elbow and repulse monkey moves

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The other modules are being created now. Watch this space.
I also run classes in tai chi and qigong in Reading, Woodley, Twyford and Wokingham. Click here for more information

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