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Tai Chi course

Learn Tai Chi from home

  • Learn the wonders of tai chi at your own pace and in your own space
  • No more forgetting what was taught in class or learn without even going to class
  • All the movements, exercises, skills, principles and theories explained fully
  •  Go beyond the form movements to understand what makes tai chi so effortlessly powerful
  • Each module contains a range of videos and PDFs which explain everything in full
  • Videos are short and to the point. Most are less than 3 minutes.

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Due to old age and various medical problems I gave Tai Chi a go not expecting much from it and wish I’d discovered it years ago.

It has improved my breathing and mobility problems and exercises at home have helped with relaxation and tension. 

— B Winson

My Books

Stress Proof Your Body

Stress Proof Your Body 

4.5 stars on Amazon.

“I’m not sure quite what I expected to learn about stress from this book, but I must say that I have really enjoyed it and will use it as a reference book, earmarking the various exercises that it describes.
Having experienced stress at various points in my life, it was interesting to look at stress from a wholly different perspective: as being caused by tension, the key physical expression of stress.”

“This is a book everybody needs to read. If you think your body is relaxed, just try some of the exercises in this book and you’ll feel tension you didn’t realise was there drop away.”


Click here to buy on Amazon (kindle or paperback versions)

or if you come to any of my classes let me know and I’ll bring a copy along for £7 (£7.99 on Amazon)

The Effortless Power of Kung Fu

The Effortless Power of Kung Fu

4 stars on Amazon.

“I have never met or trained with Paul before, but upon reading this book I see many similarities in the way we teach and train, so I hope we will cross paths soon. I find the book very informative and down to earth, it’s a really good look at what is Kung Fu and why should we do it”
Eli Montaigue – Head of the World Taiji Boxing Association

“Excellent Book. Being quite new to Kung Fu, this books acts as an excellent guide in all aspect giving an excellent holistic approach to this art form, from its; history, to how to find a teacher and club, stances and animal fighting styles. Highly recommend this book. This book is an excellent reference for my training and life.”

Click here to buy on Amazon (kindle or paperback versions)

or if you come to any of my classes let me know and I’ll bring a copy along for £6 (£6.99 on Amazon)

  • Work on your posture and breathing while you walk
  • Walk freely with more balance and less tension
  • Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Make every walk a richer and more enjoyable experience

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