Standing up. A simple guide to good posture

what does your posture say about you

Your posture is all about the way you hold and move your body. A good posture makes you feel alive, nimble, full of energy and puts minimal strain on your body. A poor posture makes you feel sluggish, drained and puts excess stress on various key joints and other systems. It also plays havoc with […]

Qigong – How to boost your health and longevity the Chinese way

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a key element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been practiced for thousands of years albeit under different names. The word literally means exercises that boost your natural energy. Qi – life giving energy and gong literally mean work or exercise. Qigong consists of various practices chiefly breathing exercises, standing […]

Qi – The energy of life

The Chinese term qi (pronounced chee) refers to universal life energy. This energy has been investigated and written about by most cultures in the world. The Japanese call it ki, the Indians call it prana, the Greeks pneuma and so on. But what is it? Qi is an energy that surrounds, permeates and sustains every […]

Yin and Yang – not all black and white

The Chinese word tai chi (taiji) refers to the ancient concept of yin and yang. Yin yang theory is one of the most important concepts in Chinese culture and has been hugely influential all around the world. The Chinese see the yin yang theory as the governing principle behind all movement, all energy and all […]

Tai Chi – a great exercise for all ages

Tai chi, or to give it the full name tai chi chuan (also spelled taijiquan) is not an easy art to quickly define. The Chinese term tai chi (taiji) refers to the universal balance of the forces of yin and yang. This is seen as the overriding principle in the universe that governs all movement, […]