White Light Meditation

Many people find it hard to meditate. They close their eyes and try to relax but thoughts keep intruding and they are unable to relax mind or body. It does take time for your mind to settle and your tensions to dissolve.

Guided meditations can be very useful when you first start meditating. They talk you down into a relaxed state and guide you through specific meditative experiences.

Below is an audio recording of the white light meditation with me guiding you through it. It helps energise and relax you from your centre outwards. Listen to it regularly and gradually you will find the experience becomes much deeper. With practice you will have more control over your physical and mental relaxation states and can use this skill anytime you need it.

Find yourself some time and space where you won’t be disturbed and make yourself comfortable. Then listen to the recording and follow the instructions.

The White Light Guided Meditation