Is Tai Chi for you?

NEW Beginner’s Tai Chi Class

in Waltham St Lawrence

  • Are you full of tension?
  • Do you lack energy and vitality?
  • Do you have limited mobility?
  • Are you looking for an exercise that doesn’t overly strain your body?
  • Would you like to be more balanced, stronger and more mobile?

If you answered yes to any of the above then tai chi could be just what you need.

Tai chi is the ideal exercise as we age. It improves your balance, flexibility and strength in a gentle way that doesn’t strain your body.

You learn the most efficient ways to stand, breathe, move and walk.
You gain energy, sleep better and boost your immune system.
It’s fun exercise that can be done anywhere with no equipment needed.

What Our Students Think

“I love these classes. A time of the week when I can fully relax, learn to improve myself and let go of my tensions.”
Moira T

“Paul is a great teacher. He explains everything so well that it’s easy to understand but not necessarily easy to do. This takes practice but is so worth it. I feel so much younger and fitter now.”
Trevor R

“I have tried tai chi before but I didn’t get on with it. This is a much better class. I’m learning much more and am determined to keep at it as I can see the clear benefits it has.”
Annie G

“I spend a lot of time gardening and consequently suffer the next day but now, when I finish gardening I do some tai chi and find I don’t ache the next day, which is a real game changer for me.”
Jocelyn P

Tai chi is an amazing exercise system. The principles show you how to move, breathe and stand in the most powerful and efficient ways. You learn to open your joints so you can move with fluid, graceful power. It revitalises your energy and boosts your immune system.

Our classes are fun, friendly and fascinating. Everything is explained in detail so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. We go deeper into the concepts than most other tai chi classes so you get the maximum benefits.

Try out a free class and learn tai chi from one of the most experienced teachers in the country.

NEW Beginners Tai Chi Class 

Venue: Neville Hall, Milley Rd, Waltham St Lawrence RG10 0JP

Time: Thursdays 4.00 – 4.45pm

First session FREE (£7 per session or £25pm thereafter)

  • Gain mobility, strength, energy and health
  • Make friends and have fun while learning an extraordinary art
  • Improve your posture and breathing
  • Go deeper and learn qigong exercises and Taoist philosophy

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