Personal training in Tai Chi

  • Gain all the benefits of tai chi at your own pace from an experienced master
  • Learn real tai chi, qigong, meditation and more from complete beginner to advanced skills


So if classes aren’t for you then let me help you get the amazing benefits of the Chinese martial, healing and spiritual arts.

Why learn tai chi?

  • Improve balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and more
  • Greatly improve posture and breathing
  • Relieve long term aches and pains
  • Better control of your emotions and the ways you react to stress
  • Learn how to stay young, healthy and full of vibrant energy

What makes me different?

  • 35+ years experience in these arts
  • I explain everything fully and clearly to help you understand
  • Friendly and approachable nature
  • I can demonstrate clearly some amazing skills and help you achieve them yourself

I don’t just teach the tai chi form. That’s just the tip of the range of skills I can teach. 

I can teach many other practices including qigong, meditation, energy cultivation, self defence, balance and flexibility exercises and so on. 


“I prefer personal training as I can’t attend any of Paul’s classes and this time is totally focused on what I want and need to learn.”
Julie M

“I’ve been having training from Paul for 3 years now. Every session is different. There is so much he can teach about how to hold and move your body properly, breathe properly, understand energy flow, mindfulness and so much more.”
Alejandra P

“The skills I learn from my sessions with Paul have made such a difference. I walk differently, have more energy and am actually sleeping properly at night.”
Simon T

“I love the spiritual side of what Paul teaches. The understanding of energy flow. The connection with heaven and earth. Knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years. He brings it back to life.”
Helen G

“I was so stiff and unfit when I started but now I feel so much better. The sessions are fun, Paul is a great teacher and so knowledgeable about all aspects of this art”
Simon A

1/3 off personal sessions until end March 23

Private sessions reduced from £60ph to £40ph (£35 per half hour to £25)
Take advantage of these reduced price and get some quality training in this amazing art. 

I only have limited spaces in my diary so move fast before I’m fully booked again.

Find out more by filling in the form below or ring me on 07788 588815

Paul Chapman