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  • Become fitter and more mobile
  • Gain balance and coordination
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Have more energy and sleep better at night
  • Learn to let go of your physical and mental stresses
  • Feel young again
  • Learn from a master with 35 years experience
  • Classes suitable for all ages and abilities 
“This is easily the best tai chi class I’ve been to. Paul is clearly an expert and explains the concepts clearly and simply. I’ve learned more here in a few weeks than I did in several months with other classes. It’s perfect for beginners too as he really understands how to break down the basics of how to stand, move and breathe properly.”
Terry J
“I really enjoy these sessions, a time out from the day when one single thing occupies the mind, a time that is my own. Not just the form, Paul does useful work with balance which can really help and also energy flow which is amazing. Would recommend these sessions to anyone who wishes to try something a bit different, no special equipment required, no age limits and a gentle but surprisingly effective physical work out.”
Sue W – Woodley