Kung Fu in Reading

Learn 8 animal kung fu styles, weapons training and more in our friendly yet focused classes.

90 minute kung fu class – £12

Save by buying a block of four classes (£40)

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Class Details

Venue: Caversham Hall, St Johns Rd, Caversham RG4 5AN

Thursdays 8.00 – 9.30pm Spaces now available

There is parking available in St Johns Road and Montague Street. There are no restrictions that time of night.

I’ve tried various other martial arts schools before and this is hands down the best. The skills are way more practical and powerful than others I’ve seen. Best of all a big part is learning to relax while under pressure. 

Sifu Chapman teaches very well. He’s easy to understand and clearly an expert in kung fu and many related fields. He shows how small changes in the way you use your body can double your power.

– Mike R (Coley)

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