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Eight Animal Kung Fu training

Kung Fu Training

Anyone of any age can learn kung fu. Real kung fu doesn’t rely on physical fitness but on proper structural alignments.

Our classes are suitable for men or women, young or old. Learn from a highly experienced master in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Beginners are always made very welcome

The hallmarks of good kung fu are fluidity of movement and relaxed, whole-body power. A good kung fu exponent can produce awesome power out of all proportion to his size or weight.

The fancy acrobatics and high kicks seen in most kung fu movies are nothing like real kung fu.

This is real kung fu.

  • Functional fitness
  • Weapons training
  • Effortless, whole-body power
  • A very comprehensive range of strikes, blocks, kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure points and more
  • How to stay calm and relaxed under pressure

Cost : £10 per session

To book a class either click the link below to become a member and book a class. You can then choose to pay for the class online or by cash on the day.

If you’re not yet ready to sign up then email the school which class you’d like to come to and I’ll put your name down for it and you can pay the £10 cash on the day.

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Eight Animal Styles

We are one of the only kung fu schools in the world to teach eight animal styles to such a high level.

Our students are able to learn the extraordinary skills of the following animals: tiger, crane, leopard, monkey, eagle, snake, mantis and dragon.

CLICK HERE to find out about each of the animal styles

Each of them develops you in a different way. Some give great agility, others relaxed power, others teach you to open your joints or fight from very close up etc.

We also teach a range of weapons and how to use those same movements in hand to hand combat.

Everything to teach is geated towards one overall goal:

Maximum power with minimum effort.

Thanks so much for all your excellent tuition over the last year (and previous years!). As well as being great exercise I always find the concepts and thinking behind the movements so interesting and thought provoking. Really enjoying it.
— Chris (Reading)

What makes us different

  • Less rigid structure with lots of experimentation
  • Fun, friendly welcoming classes
  • Expert tuition that focuses on the specifics of how to gain maximum power effortlessly. Most schools just focus on basic physical training or telling you to go harder and faster
  • No children under 16 to distract you
  • Very comprehensive syllabus. Includes all types of physical training, weapons skills, pressure points, locks, blocks, kicks, throws, strikes etc done in a huge number of ways.

Our school is more like a group of friends getting together to learn and train rather than the strict discipline of a martial arts school. It’s a more enjoyable atmosphere.

The benefits of each animal style

Monkey – Agility, core strength, close in striking and locking skills. The most fun animal to train.

Crane – Flexiblity, balance, kicking skills, powerful arms. Learn to stand without fear.

Tiger – Strength that flows through your body, move like a cat. The movements are simple but with awesome whole-body power.

Leopard – Speed, ferocity, lightness. The best style for taking on multiple attackers.

Mantis – Fast reflexes, use of every part of the body, learn all the pressure points. The ultimate, most terrifying style for close in fighting.

Eagle – Awareness, powerful defensive wing moves, ripping talons, the best defence of all the animals. Become sensitive to your environment and react to threats instantly.

Snake – Penetrating strikes, constricting holds. Take flexibility to a whole new level.

Dragon – Move like water, takes elements from all other animals and merges them into the ultimate movement and fighting system.


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