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Relaxed in stillness, powerful in action

My name is Paul Chapman. I’m a tai chi and kung fu teacher working with people’s posture, movement and breathing to restore healthy balance and help them move in an effortlessly powerful way.

I have 40 years experience and training in these arts and through constant experimentation I have a unique perspective on my art.

I believe there are very few people who know more about how to change your posture and breathing to help you let go of your tensions, calm your mind and move with a fluid, effortless power. I learned these skills through the Jade Dragon School now based in Berkshire.

The Jade Dragon School teaches tai chi and eight animal kung fu styles from beginner to advanced levels. I teach deeper, more advanced skills than most other schools. My training has helped well over a thousand people become less stressed, more mobile and reduce a wide range of chronic health conditions.

I took over the school in 2003 but its origins lie in a temple on the slopes of the Jade Dragon snow mountain in South West China. The temple isn’t there any more but I keep the traditions and training alive.

When I first joined the school I saw my master, this little old man performing apparent miracles. I couldn’t believe such a small, elderly man could have so much power and could move so quickly without ever getting tired or out of breath. He could effortlessly throw guys around who were 2-3 times his size. I wanted to know how that was possible.

I realised that all I had learned about health and fitness was only a small part of the story and I wanted to know more.

In essence I teach people how to use their body. How to hold it and move it with that same effortless power. We work on breathing, posture, visualisations, energy, rooting, mindfulness, philosophy, meditation and so on.

Teaching my first class was challenging. I tried to give too much and ended up confusing the students who didn’t last long. I quickly learned how to take just one small element and break it down so they could understand it.

I experimented constantly to see what worked and what worked better. The smallest changes in how you hold and move your body can make a massive difference. My students love my demonstrations and I now feel I’m approaching the skill levels of my own Master though its taken me over 20 years of experimentation to get there.

I now teach tai chi and kung fu classes throughout Central and East Berkshire. I also offer personal training, online courses and this year for the first time I am also running two retreats.

Sifu Paul Chapman

  • Tai Chi and Kung Fu Master
  • Stress Expert
  • Author
  • 40 years experience

“I can teach anyone to gain power, balance and stability through relaxation.
Lots of people tell you to relax but they can’t tell you how to relax. That’s what I do.”

Paul Chapman began his training in tai chi and kung fu in the mid 1980s. He underwent fifteen tough years of training before he was given permission to teach. In 2003 he took over the school and ran it part time until the Covid lockdown. Since then he has turned it into a full time business. 

Paul is also a qualified Sports Therapist and Hypnotherapist. He has been a college lecturer, worked in corporate fitness and been a Stress Coach. Everything he’s done has increase his knowledge of how to use the mind and body together to turbocharge your potential.

Paul realised these skills could benefit pretty much anyone. So many people use their body in a disjointed and clumsy way. They waste energy and hold onto tension and this leads to a range of chronic health conditions. It just doesn’t have to be that way.

He has published two books to date. His first was “Stress Proof Your Body” which is a ground-breaking book about how physical tension is the cause of many ills not stress. His second book “The Effortless Power of Kung Fu” contains the background, training and tactics of real kung fu which is nothing like it is so often depicted in the movies. 

Over many years Paul has become an expert on stress and how to reduce its effects by working with your posture, movements and breathing. His demonstrations are amazing and his knowledge is encyclopaedic.

Paul is well known among his legion of loyal students for making the more advanced concepts of tai chi, which are rarely taught, accessible to everyone.

This year he will be running two retreats in Oxfordshire which has been a long held dream of his.


Our Classes

We run regular classes in tai chi and kung fu. We also run online tai chi classes.

Our classes are fun and friendly and you’ll be amazed at some of the things you’ll learn.

45 minute tai chi class – £8

90 minute kung fu class – £10

Book online or pay cash on the door

Jade Dragon Tai Chi is one of the best Tai Chi classes I have attended. Paul takes his time to show and explain every move and there is no rush during his class.

Good for balance and memory for all ages. A worthwhile and rewarding class and of great benefit to a relaxing lifestyle.
— C Needham

One to One Training

One to one training is the fastest way to learn the skills you want. Every session is all about you – your needs and your goals.

You choose what you want to learn rather than being restricted to the pace and syllabus of a class.

Online training from £35 per hour

Face to face training from £50 per hour