The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon School

the eight animal way

The Jade Dragon School has its roots in a remote temple in South West China on the slopes of the Jade Dragon snow mountain.

The temple was destroyed by Japanese bombs in 1942 but the teachings live on.

The Jade Dragon school teaches the Taoist arts of tai chi and qigong and eight animal styles of kung fu under Sifu Paul Chapman who took over the school in 2003.

Sifu Paul Chapman

Sifu Chapman began his journey in the Chinese martial and healing arts back in the mid 1980s. He was very fortunate to discover a Master (Sifu Irvine) living nearby who was carrying the lineage knowledge of a rare South West Chinese Taoist tradition.

Paul studied with him for many years. He learned the full range of tai chi and kung fu arts alongside the Taoist philosophy that underpins them.

Paul Chapman is also an author and healer specialising in trigger point therapy and energy healing modalities.

Our Classes

We run regular classes in tai chi and kung fu. We also run online tai chi classes.

Our classes are fun and friendly and you’ll be amazed at some of the things you’ll learn.

45 minute tai chi class – £8

90 minute kung fu class – £12

Save by buying a block of four classes

Book online or pay cash on the door

Jade Dragon Tai Chi is one of the best Tai Chi classes I have attended. Paul takes his time to show and explain every move and there is no rush during his class.

Good for balance and memory for all ages. A worthwhile and rewarding class and of great benefit to a relaxing lifestyle.
— C Needham

One to One Training

One to one training is the fastest way to learn the skills you want. Every session is all about you – your needs and your goals.

You choose what you want to learn rather than being restricted to the pace and syllabus of a class.

Online training from £35 per hour

Face to face training from £50 per hour