Learn Tai Chi From Home

No need for classes.
This is like having your own private Master on tap 24 hours a day.

If you want to learn tai chi from home there’s no better place to come.

We have taught thousands of students through our classes and courses the secrets of relaxed, effortless power.

We teach the hidden knowledge of how to use your posture, breathing, mental focus and energy flow to fine tune your health and restore your vitality.

Read some of our great reviews

“Through learning to understand how to stand and breathe correctly my posture and balance are improving and I feel more flexible.”

“Clear guidance with good explanations of what and why. Excellent instructor”

“Moves are explained well with benefits given which encourages the practice in everyday life afterwards.”

“Paul Chapman is an extremely knowledgeable and capable Tai Chi teacher. not only does he make the actual exercises easy and enjoyable, but he also explains the physics behind it and the mental benefits.”

“The course provides a great way to switch off and focus on breathing and slow movement. It’s very therapeutic and I always feel so chilled and reset afterwards.”

“I didn’t realise how beneficial it could be until I tried. Looking forward to learning more.”

“Great start to tai chi. Paul takes us through gently and explains everything well.”

“Paul explains everything thoroughly which brought the whole of Tai Chi and Qigong to life. Very enjoyable.”

“I am hoping it will help with my balance. All parts of your body are used and it’s gentle exercise for all ages. I am in my 70s.”

Buy a module then when you’re ready to move on buy the next one.

Work on each module at your leisure.

Each module contains videos and PDFs that explain everything in detail.

  • Pay as you learn
  • No big investment needed to start
  • Each module builds on the previous one
  • Modules are updated so you always have the current, best knowledge.
  • All Modules are developed and taught by Paul Chapman drawing on his forty years experience in these arts.
  • Basic principles
  • Learn to stand and walk with more balance and stability
  • Connect your structure properly so every movement you do has more power with less effort.
  • Introductions to what tai chi is and yin yang theory which is core to everything in tai chi.
  • Everything you need to prepare you for your tai chi journey.

  • Work on your posture and breathing while you walk
  • Walk freely with more balance and less tension
  • Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  • Make every walk a richer and more enjoyable experience

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