Learn real animal kung fu

  • Gain fitness, strength, flexibility and defensive skills
  • Make friends and have fun while learning an extraordinary art
  • Learn to move and fight like a tiger, crane, monkey, leopard, eagle, mantis, snake and dragon
  • Discover the animal secrets of effortless power

About Us

Uncage your inner animal

Learning to move like an animal is so much fun.

It’s also great exercise that gives you strength, stamina, flexibility, defensive skills and so much more.

Our kung fu animal training is more fun than going to the gym or most other forms of exercise. 

We do a lot of partner work – regularly swapping round partners so you make new friends and try out your skills on a range of different people.

What makes us different?

Our school is different from other martial art schools. There is less rigidity in our structure and more comprehensive skills than you’ll find elsewhere.  There are also no big egos or cliques to worry about. 

Everyone is friendly, has fun, helps each other, trains together and are welcoming of new students. 

The training is good for people of all ages although we don’t take children under 16.

Our school is more like a group of friends getting together to learn and train rather than the strict discipline of a typical martial arts school. It’s a more enjoyable atmosphere and you learn more when you’re enjoying it.

Eight animal styles

The Jade Dragon School is the only school that teaches eight animal styles to such a high level. 

Only here can you learn the tiger, crane, leopard, monkey, mantis, eagle, snake and dragon styles.

Every animal you learn has a different way of moving, develops power in different ways, has different fighting skills and tactics and so on.

Learn skills that will get you fit, teach you to handle stress, deal with conflict and benefit you for the rest of your life.


We hold regular classes in Reading.

Beginners now welcome but spaces are limited

First session FREE

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