Is Kung Fu for You?

  • Great all-round exercise

  • Fun sessions

  • Effective combat skills

  • Learn to move and fight like an animal

Come to one of our FREE open evenings in January

Come to one of our two open evenings on  the 5th and 12th of January 2023 – 8.00 – 9.30pm.

Drop in to one or even both classes free of charge and see if this is for you. We’re very friendly and welcoming.

Venue: Caversham Hall, St Johns Rd, Caversham RG4 5AN 

(there is parking on the roads around the hall with no restrictions)

  • Learn 8 animal kung fu styles
  • Get fit and have fun
  • All the animal movements, all the weapons, all the combat skills


“It’s amazing how powerful this is when you get it right. I feel so much more confident now when going out that I can protect myself”
John G

“Great classes. I look forward to coming every week. I love the mat game!”
Tilly S

“I did karate for 6 years before coming here. I wanted to try the Chinese arts but wasn’t sure if this would be effective in real combat. From the very first lesson I was converted. This is so much more powerful than I expected and much better for your body than karate. Give it a try and see for yourself.”
John H

“As well as being great exercise I always find the concepts and thinking behind the movements so interesting and thought provoking. Really enjoying it.”
Chris Y

“Each animal is so much fun to learn. I really wish I’d started this journey sooner but I’m loving every second of it.”
Helen J

“I was so stiff and unfit when I started but now I feel so much better. The classes are fun, Paul is a great teacher and so knowledgeable about all aspects of this art”
Simon A

We hold regular classes in Reading.

Beginners now welcome but spaces are limited

First session FREE

Book your space or get free information on our kung fu training by registering below.

Or just show up on any Thursday evening.