Is your head full of clutter? Do thoughts occupy every moment of your waking day? Do you constantly worry about the future or go back over things from your past? So you overthink things, analyse, worry, plan and generally stress?

When your head is full of clutter it’s like living in a house with boxes everywhere covering all the walls and windows. Every new thing that happens in your life adds new boxes and mess. You see them everywhere you look and cannot escape them.

With clutter covering the doors and windows you can’t see past them to the beauty that may lie outside. You cannot get through the door to escape them. You’re trapped and stuck in a prison of your own making.

When this happens you cannot be in and appreciate the here and now. You lack the space and the perspective to see what is truly important. Small issues are constantly right there in front of you troubling you and seeming much larger than they actually are.

From a lifetime of studying and teaching tai chi and kung fu I well know the importance of having an uncluttered mind. You cannot react quickly and decisively to stress and change if your thinking is blurred and your mind is full of doubts, fears and thoughts.

Luckily there is a way out. There is a path to freedom. A way to declutter your mind, bring you back some perspective and restore sanity to your life.

Meditation is the art of decluttering the mind. Spend a few minutes every day to create some space in your head to live in, to breathe, to take a step back and see what is really important.

Meditation brings clarity, balance and ultimately mental and physical health.

It doesn’t have to involve sitting in the lotus position humming or chanting mantras. It can simply be taking a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes and focus completely on your breath.

Just observe your thoughts without being tied up in them. Watch them come and go then come back again. It may not feel like meditating at first but you will still emerge refreshed and reenergised. Keep at it and the feeling will become deeper and enable you to reap the benefits more powerfully and for longer.

There are many guided meditations on the internet and apps available to help you. These are, to a certain extent, crutches that you shouldn’t rely on as it is more powerful to be able to put yourself in a meditative state without them whenever you need to. But they have helped many thousands of people being the process of decluttering their mind and finding peace.

I will be writing more about different methods and stages of meditation particularly those coming from the Chinese Taoist traditions so watch this space.